Monday, 17 January 2011

The Monday Post

Okay so Schools league has been postponed but we're still keeping up the list testing. Tonight I got in a 600 point game against some Space Wolves. We played a Spearhead deployment with 3 objectives in a line, pretty much at right angles to our deployment zones my opponent deployed first in his corner:
I castled up in the opposite corner and infiltrated my Kroot to the opposite side, something I would later regret.
 My army castled up. The Sha'el providing much needed leadership to a unit of Fire Warriors.

In his first turn, the large unit of Grey Hunters ran for my Kroot. The other Grey Hunters spreading out to get the other objectives. The Long Fangs fired at my Railhead but I saved the only damage with my disruption pod.
In my turn I did my best to deplete the large Grey Hunter squad and kill the Long Fangs.
This guy, the last Long Fang, survived until about turn 3, then he got sniped by my Shas'el.
I failed pretty miserably against the Grey Hunters with my Kroot. Never again will I get into combat with Space Wolves. The Grey Hunters consolidated towards my objective.
Nothing much happened in the Space wolf turn, a frag missile killed a fire warrior but that was about it.
It was now my second turn. The wolves were bearing down on me but I had a plan. My Shas'el and Fire Warriors made way to the furthest away objective. If I could take this and fend off the approaching Grey Hunters, I could contest the middle objective with my Hammerhead. This seemed a tall order but I reckoned it was possible. My turn mainly saw me trying to weaken the various Space Wolf units. The Wolf Priest Grey Hunter squad bore a lot of my fire. I managed to reduce to a couple of marines and the priest. The squad holding the objective I was trying to claim took a couple of wounds, losing a standard marine and the Wulfen.   
The Shas'el makes for the objective
The next Wolf turn was irritating more than damaging. I'd forgotten to assault phase jump my crisis suits, a fatal error, and the lone Long Fang took advantage of this, krak missiling one to death. The Grey Hunters and Wolf Priest killed some Fire Warriors and causing them to flee from the table. This was in fact a plus as it meant the Space Wolves would have to weather my fire.
This was by now turn 3 and my plan was in full swing. The Hammerhead moved over to block the advancing Space Wolves and along with my battlesuits killed all but the Priest though he only had  one wound left. My Shas'el saw off the last 3 Grey Hunters and it looked as if I was going to cruise to a win.
My opponent obviously didn't take too kindly to this turn of events. His Wolf Priest made for the Hammerhead, melta bomb in hand. The Grey Hunters on the objective fired at my Fire Warriors causing a wound on the commander, killing her shield drone and a Fire Warrior. I rolled the morale test and failed! The commander and unit were now fleeing unable to rally. To top it all off, the rune priest killed my Hammerhead.
I now had a fight on my hands, my only hope was to annihilate the Space Wolves. My commander fled a mercifully short distance leaving me still in line of sight of the Space wolves. I fire all I had at them killing three but they held. I rolled for extended game length and we fought on. By now I was desperate. My commander had been caught by the Priest but had passed her morale test and was fighting him off. With a howl from my opponent the last three Grey Hunters succumbed to the Deathrains and the game suddenly took a turn for the better. The Wolf Priest took this cue to slaughter my Shas'el. It was now between my Deathrains and the Priest.
Missiles roared from the shoulder mounted weapons slamming into the Wolf Priest. Three hits, three wounds. One dead Wolf Priest. Another win for the Greater Good.
I feel although I won that game it wasn't a true victory. I made a few tactical errors that could have cost me the game. I should have truly castled up in my corner with my objective rather than deplploying it on the flank to try and distract my opponent. All in all, sitting back and taking a look before doing anything is probably a good idea.
I apologise for the lack of pictures towards the end. As you might have gathered the fight was quite tense and I forgot to photograph each stage. I hope you enjoyed the report,

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