Monday, 7 February 2011

The Monday Post

I played a big game against my friends on Saturday and it left me thinking about Tau Battlesuits

When we play these big games, one person is designated "evil overlord" and they make as many points as they can (usually about 4,000). The other two then combine their armies to equal this amount. 
Luckless Xenos was given overlord duty and so I set about making a 2,000 point list.
The first things I knew I wanted to include were my ten XV8 Battlesuits. Not Terminators, Battlesuits. And as the game progressed I quickly realised how good a choice that had been. Okay they didn't kill as much and a unit got wiped out by genestealers but it was a lot of fun moving and firing that many Crisis Suits. 
When I started Tau, I read the entry at the start of the codex, which says along the lines of "The main Tau appeal is Battlesuits". I read this at age twelve and thought "No way, it's all about the tanks and the Fire Warriors". Now, four years on it's all about the Battlesuits. I currently have nine in my 1500 point army with a spare Shas'O but I'm looking to add more. True Fire Warriors and tanks have their appeal but there's nothing quite like popping out of cover and blasting a light tank, marine squad, etc to pieces and then leaping back into cover, sitting back and watching the look of disbelief spread across you're opponent's face. When people see that I play Tau and say "How can you play Tau?", I just look at my Battlesuits and reply "How can you not?"


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