Friday, 16 September 2011

School Gaming Club

Recently, my school's gaming club has seen an influx of new members. This means were originally there were four dedicated members we now have over ten (okay it may not sound like much but it's over a 250% increase). Most of these are younger people who haven't played the game properly before. While this can occasionally be irritating as time for games is now taken up teaching rules it's also really interesting as I'm now passing on my knowledge to new gamers and seeing them learn with the same joy and wonder I did. I think this is one of the true joys of any hobby, bringing new participants in and sharing the fun of it all.
The majority of our efforts are currently concerned with teaching the new players. This usually takes the form of multiplayer games with the new players (Shas'saal as they've been christened) doing the rolling and some of the movement, with the rulebook and codexes open to the appropriate pages so they get an idea of stat lines and look up the to wound and to hit charts. It's early days yet but a lot of them show real promise and a good focus on learning.
In other news, I'm working on getting a better camera so pictures should be up of models I've been painting and converting over my holiday from the blog.

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