Monday, 9 January 2012

Preparation for Jolly Toys

I am attending the Jolly Toys tournament this February alongside Luckless Xenos of Xenos and Proud. It's a two thousand point tournament run Nova style, a points level and style of play I'm very unused to. Looking at my Tau list I realised the best thing would be to just run an up scaled version of my fifteen-hundred force. So without further ado:

2x Fireknife shas'els with fireknife bodyguards with targetting arrays (multitracker is hard wired) and one has a hard wired drone controller and two gun drones
3x 3 man Deathrain teams with flamers, a team leader with a hard wired drone controller and 2 gun drones
3x 6 man fire warrior teams, devilfish, disruption pod
3x railhead, burst cannons, disruption pod, multitracker, flechette dischargers
Total = 2000

The basic plan is a highly mobile mechanise force maxing out on battlesuits to deal damage from afar. It has performed well against Tyranids so far. I've never done too well with Piranhas and kroot screens. The latter I find die while getting in the way of movement, doing no damage and generally sitting still, not my way of war. the former I tend to have great fun speeding them about the board until I realise I could have spent the points on Deathrains that would actually kill something. Just my style I guess.

Here is a completed bodyguard for my commander: