Sunday, 26 August 2012

Dark Eldar, work in progress Razorwing

 The colour scheme for my Dark Eldar army is quite simple, being essentially dark blue and boltgun metal. This left me with quite a lot of space to fill on the Razorwing. Then I remembered my Scottish theme and decided it needed a huge saltire flag painted on it. The jet is still a work in progress, the blue needs to be a bit more uniform and various highlights need to go on but overall I'm happy with it so far.
The white was done undercoated with fortress grey (I don't know the names of the current equivalents of the paints I use) then had four layers of watered down skull white painted onto it. The cross was then tidied up with a mix three parts ultramarines blue to one part chaos black.


 I've yet to properly use it in a game as my Dark Eldar are waiting on the acquisition of two venoms to make them a battle worthy force, but I'm looking forward to it. Eventually I hope to have a complete attack wing of a Voidraven and two Razorwing escorts but we shall see.
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