Friday, 14 February 2014

Battle Brothers January 2014: Game 3

Mission: Crusade, five objectives
Deployment: Vanguard strike
Terrain: A big ruin on left (objective) and right of our table edge, a ruin in the top right corner (objective), big hill in the centre from realm of battle, two forests on the other side, top left and top centre (objective). Wreckage middle left (objective) and wreckage central right (objective)
Warlord trait Tau: Exemplar of the Selfless Cause
Warlord trait Tau and orks: Not sure
Night fight: no

Psychic powers
Eldar: guide, perfect timing, presience

Tau and Orks

Fireblade, shield drone
3 squads of firewarriors
2 railgun hammerheads with submunitions

Boss, 2+ save and 5++, power klaw
10 Nobs, 5++, feel no pain, a few power claws
20 boyz, Nob, power klaw


We deployed first, hiding the fire warriors behind the hill claiming an objective. The Bikes parked up next to them on their left. The farseer and riptide joined together, and stood next to the skyray in the centre of our board edge, with the hammerhead cowering behind some ruins which the pathfinders were ready to scout into.

They deployed the nobs facing the pathfinder ruin with the boyz to the left and the fire blade and a unit of fire warriors left of them. Two fire warrior squads took up residence in the big ruin in their deployment zone, with a hammerhead hiding behind each corner of that building. The dakkajet was in reserves.

They failed to seize.

We kicked off with the riptide leaping forward to take on the fire warriors with the hammerhead in tow. The skyray swivelled to have a go at the nobs. The jetbikes moved up to blast the fire warriors. Several fire warriors were downed but not enough to wipe the squad. A big chunk of boyz were submunitioned into Mork’s (or possibly Gork’s) embrace. Some of the nobz took wounds.
The warboss and co advanced on the poor pathfinders. The hammerheads moved up. There was the characteristic whip crack of railguns but they either failed to find their mark or were negated by cover saves. The boyz and nobz ran forwards and the fire warriors killed a couple of jetbikes.
The pathfinders scampered further up the ruins to avoid being assaulted as the hammerhead lined up to pie plate the fire warrior team. The riptide rolled around the corner to gun down some of the nobz or the fire warriors depending. Our fire warriors moved up to secure the forest objective as the bikes closed in for the kill. The first of our crisis suits arrived ready to try and blow holes in a hammerhead. Through various large blasts and shuriken blades the fire warriors were slain but the fireblade survived (first blood). The crisis suit tried to silence the hammerhead but was denied by jink. The riptide put wounds on some of the nobz but most were denied by the boss’s 2+ save and feel no pain.

The dakkajet failed to show up. The nobz couldn’t decide whether to assault the pathfinders or not so stayed put. The boys moved up to put the hurt on the bikes as the hammerheads and fire warriors prepared to hit my deep striking crisis suit. Most of the shooting was ineffective with the crisis suit losing a drone and a wound. The jetbikes were shot down to three models. The hammerhead took a glancing hit.
The crimson hunter swooped in and promptly failed to hurt a hammerhead at all. The other crisis suit landed and with his friend, they were able to stun the other hammerhead which was bearing down on them. Our hammerhead submunitioned a bunch of boyz catching the fireblade in the blast and instant deathing him for good measure (slay the warlord). The blue jetbikes shot across the field to hide in the ruin in our deployment zone, and the fire warriors moved into the trees. The riptide finally downed the painboy and swiftly removed most of the other nobz bar one and the warboss on two wounds.

The dakkajet soared on, a waaagh was declared, and the orks rushed forwards, the warboss gunning for the hammerhead. The fire warriors lined up on my suits and the dakkajet aimed at our backfield squad of fire warriors with the fireblade attached. Despite an insane number of shots, the dakkajet was denied its kill by the fire warriors diving for cover, leaving only two dead. The boss charged and made short work of the hammerhead, but the fire warriors couldn’t remove the crisis suits. In the assault phase, the dakkajet attempted to ram the crimson hunter (we weren’t convinced you could do this in normal 40k, but gave it to them as it was in the death from the skies rules) but failed its toughness test.
The crisis suits gave up on the hammerhead and went for the fire warriors who are troops after all. The skyray prepared to be smashed into tiny pieces by the warboss. The skyray fired missiles at the dakkajet, successfully velocity locking it, but it jinked any other damage. The riptide and jetbikes removed the last of the orks from the central objective. The fire warriors killed the last nob but couldn’t stop the warboss.
The dakkajet flew across the field. The warboss smashed the skyray to bits, and the fire warriors mercilessly gunned down my battlesuits. The opposition hammerheads tried to shoot down my fireblade’s unit but where unsuccessful. The dakkajet assaulted the crimson hunter and downed the flier.
Everything shot the warboss. The guy was rolling like a champ with his 2+ save but the forest fire warriors eventually downed the roaring xeno. The riptide and bikes advanced on the central objective, claiming it for the Taudar Empire.
Their last turn consisted of them trying to remove the jetbikes from the objective, but bolstered by the farseer joining the unit they held.

Final score: Taudar 15 (four objectives, slay the warlord, line breaker, first blood) Tau Orks 3 (one objective)

After game thoughts
This was an odd game. We had some difficulty with luck at times but then again so did our opponents. I think our deployment was quite poor, we deployed too heavily on the right, and got ourselves trapped in a corner because of it. In the end we pulled through though.

Unit of the match: jetbikes. Jumping around, picking off units, claiming objectives and even a threat to light tanks, jetbikes are awesome. 

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