Friday, 17 February 2017

Well, its been a while

So... It's been two years since I updated this blog. Not a lot of Warhammer has been going on in that time sadly due to a combination of university, regular opponents moving away and most of my stuff being stored at my dad's house.

However, I'm currently taking a break from university due to ill health which has meant I'm suddenly a lot less busy. Coupled with a discovery of how much of my collection is unfocused and unpainted I've decided to work out what my respective armies need to bring them to 'completion' and get back into the collecting and painting side of things. I've also promised myself not to buy anything new (easy when you're living on a student budget) until the current stuff is painted which leads me into the main point of this post. I'm hoping to use a regular blog deadline (every Friday) as a motivational tool to get models finished. I'm working on a squad of Eldar guardians at the moment which I hope to have pictures of for next Friday's post.

For now, I'll leave you with my current hobby to do list:

Finish guardian squad

Dark Eldar
Finish venom crew
Finish 3 reaver jetbikes
Finish 5 wyches
Paint 5 bloodbrides
Assemble and paint a wych raider

Repaint 10 fire warriors
Rebase 20 kroot
Finish 5 stealthsuits
Repaint 8 pathfinders
Finish 2 shield drones

Convert and paint a scheme test model

So there we have it folks, hopefully I'll be back next Friday with a painted squad of guardians and some progress on the Dark Eldar.


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