Thursday, 30 September 2010

A Dramatic Reconfiguration

It struck me recently that my marines list is lacking in certain departments. The two main culprits are efficient use of points and the fact that my army is dead boring.

My List at the Moment
Chapter master, relic blade, artificer armour, digital weapons =180
tactical squad =170
tactical squad =170
assault squad, power sword =115
5 terminators, assault cannon =230
8 sternguard veterans =200
vindicator =115
predator, lascannon sponsons, twin linked lascannon =165
5 devastators, 4 missile launchers =150
total 1495

the chapter master and sternguard are the worst units for points efficiency. my chapter master should really join the terminators but they always move so he can't orbital bombard and the sternguard take forever to get into range and then get caught up in combat.
I'm toying with some different lists at the moment (I've got 4 so far) 1 of which I like a lot one which I don't but is more competitive. I'll put up the lists in other posts, probably two at a time.

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