Monday, 27 September 2010

The Monday Battle Report

This is a battle report between my Tau and a friends space wolves. I hope to get a report up each Monday giving a brief description and highlights of my weekly battle at my gaming club (I'm still working on a snappier title).
I deployed most my death-rains in the bottom right corner of the board, next to my objective, along with my stealth suits and commander, spreading them to prevent drop pods. My kroot formed a screen and my hammerheads deployed on the opposite side of the board. My opponent deployed his long fangs fairly centrally and his wolf guard terminators and Njal Stormcaller on  his objective. I stole the initiative and went first.

Tau turn 1:
My death-rains moved out of cover and, with the benefits of the stealth teams markerlights, took down 4 long fangs, leaving only the pack leader and a lascannon left alive.

Wolves turn 1:
His drop pods land.

The kroot are blown away, the crisis suits lose a drone and the team leader is wounded. One hammerhead loses its rail gun by a lascannon shot.

Tau turn 2:
My fire warriors in devilfish come on and fish of fury the grey hunters who killed the kroot. My battlesuits flame the other grey hunters and, despite getting 17 hits they only kill 1! they then assault and are wiped out. the stealth suits assault the other grey hunters, who now have only 3 guys left (hooray for fish of fury!) to add insult to injury one of my marker drones kills a grey hunter.

Wolves turn 2:
another drop pod turns up and kills 5 fire warriors causing them to flee the board. His grey hunters who beat the battlesuits go for the fire warriors but have to walk round the devilfish blocking their way. the stealth suits kill another grey hunter despite losing a stealth suit.

Tau turn 3:
the fire warriors and assorted devilfish kill 6 grey hunters and pin them preventing them from reaching the objective.

The stealth suits kill the final grey hunter in combat.

Wolves turn 3: the newly arrived grey hunters run for my battlesuit commander and the objective hoping to snatch it from right under my nose. Njal tries again to kill my hammerheads and fails.

Tau turn 4:
the stealth team, fire warriors and drones from the devilfish all fail to kill the 2 grey hunters and rune priest. the stealth suits assault, hoping to tie them up and the drones move to block if the grey hunters win combat. he wins against the stealth suits but the team leader holds. my commander assaults the other grey hunter squad fluffs his attacks, loses a shield drone and draws combat because his other drone kills a space wolf.

Realising he can't win my opponent concedes.  1-0 Tau
Hope you enjoyed the report. Please leave comments telling what you liked and what I should improve.
Thanks in advance, Ko'vash

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