Friday, 24 September 2010

space marines

And now for my salamanders:
some tactical marines. I usually take 2 units of 10 in my 1500 though I'm thinking of adding another 

 my sternguard veterans. I kitbashed the devastator, assault and tactical boxes to make these guys.I wanted to make them stand out from gamesworkshop's metal sternguard, so I made sure I did at least one piece of conversion work on each one. 5 are supposed to be in mk 4-6 power armour, the others in mk 7-8.

 golden helmets denote veteran status in my salamanders army. this particular model is known as "tactical knife marine" by my Call of Duty obsessed friend.
a tactical squad pours through the breach, only to confront a Tau gunline!
 an aerial view of the skirmish

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