Monday, 18 October 2010

The Monday Post

The Salamanders list has now been finalised! (Loud cheering etc.) 
 After weeks of theorising, math-hammer and debate I have come up with this.

Captain Tur'vath, power fist =125
Command squad, power fist, power sword, company standard, storm bolter, storm shield, plasma pistol = 203
Chaplain Ven'gan, jump pack =115
Tactical squad =170
Tactical squad =170
Scout squad =150
10 Assault marines, power sword =205
3 Land speeders, multimeltas =180
3 Land speeders, multimeltas =180

The basic idea, is for the Chaplain and assault squad to leap forward to take on devastators, zoanthropes etc. The land speeders go up each flank, hunting for side armour and the scouts infiltrate onto objectives (yes I will be giving my scouts bolters, regardless of how good snipers are, because massed bolter fire is cool). Those units comprise the forward element of my army which will get in the face of my enemy allowing my footsloggers to get into position. The command squad and captain will advance or countercharge depending on the situation and my tactical squads will hold objectives/provide fire support. So there you have it, let me know what you think, comments and criticisms, as always, welcome and wanted.
P.s. while I say finalised I'm fickle when it comes to army lists, so it might change to something a little more "Salamander-esque"

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