Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Monday Post (Yes I know it's Tuesday!)

Here is my weekly post. I know it should be posted on Monday but I got back late and didn't have time to write it yesterday. So here it is.
Yesterdays game was an interesting one, the first game I have ever played were both sides wanted 2nd turn. I lost to Luckles Xenos's Saim Hann but it left me with some new ideas about how to deploy and combat mech.
Regarding the actual game, I could go on to say he was lucky and myself unlucky but that would be lying. In truth I was outclassed, L.X.'s forces trapping and slaughtering my own through a combination of speed and pesky Eldar trickery. We both had our share of luck, mine being an inability to fail moral tests, his an inability to fail a 3+ save (god damn fortune). All in all it was a good game, though  I can't help feeling that with one more turn I might not have lost so badly. I'll leave you with two pictures. The first is my lone devilfish drone holding up an 8 strong jetbike unit, including farseer and warlock and the other is the eldar hemming in my battlesuits.


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