Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A Bit of Background

Some people may be questioning my sanity after yesterdays post, what with my eldar having no Farseer and 2 Autarchs instead. I will now explain this using the background for my army (Please understand this is a rough idea, so no laughing at my writing).

Fialorath and Siarelle met when their Craftworlds united to destroy an ork threat their Farseers had recognised as potentially dangerous. Their two armies fought side by side during the war and first they became friends and then lovers. A few years later Siarelle's Craftworld was attacked by a Dark Eldar fleet. In the first planetstrike by the dark kin, her Craftworlds defensive shield was deactivated allowing the Dark Eldar to bring their heaviest ship weapons to bear. Siarelle and Fialorath were dispatched to raise the shield. Siarelle, who was first to the control room, confronted the saboteur, only to discover it was none other than her brother, who had betrayed the Craftworld and deactivated the shield. He escaped before Fialorath and the rest of the army arrived. Realising there was no hope left, the Eldar fled the dying Craftworld. Siarelle told no one of her brothers treachery but Fialorath. Or so she thought. A friend of Fialorath's, jealous of his love for Siarelle, discovered the secret and brought it to the ruling council of Fialorath's Craftworld, claiming Siarelle to be a traitor. Forced to flee along with their warriors, Fialorath and Siarelle now ply the stars, hunting Siarelle's brother, to clear their names.
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