Monday, 1 November 2010

The Monday Post

It's Eldar month this November!!!
The Eldar are finally kicking off with the remaining members of my scorpion squad, a reaper unit, some dire avengers and the parts for an autarch arriving soon. I'll be keeping a regular account of how the project is going over the next few days/weeks and I'll see how it goes after that. I'll leave you with my list, with background fluff posted tomorrow.

Autarch Siarelle, mandiblasters, power sword = 90
Autarch Fialorath, mandiblasters, power sword, wings, reaper launcher = 135
5 Howling Banshees, exarch, executioner, acrobatic. war shout = 112
10 Striking Scorpions, exarch, biting blade, stalker, shadowstrike = 202
10 Dire Avengers, exarch, extra shruiken, bladestorm = 152
4 jetbikes, warlock, destructor = 143
4 jetbikes, warlock, destructor = 143
Fire Prism, holo fields = 150
Fire Prism, holo fields = 150
5 Dark Reapers, exarch, tempest launcher, crack shot = 217
Total = 1494

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