Monday, 15 November 2010

I'm Back!

My exams have taken a toll on my blogging for too long. So I thought I'd get a battle report up in several small chunks to give me time to do them all. So here it is:

Ko'vash vs Luckless Xenos, Tau vs Saim Hann

I'll begin with deployment and turn 1 and do two game turns a day from there.
This is Luckless Xenos' deployment (the fire prisms were not yet deployed). He deployed his army in one huge line across the board, which was quite impressive.
This was my deployment. I basically just castled and waited for an attack (I'd won first turn and passed it). The dudes on the white building are an Ethereal and a 6 man fire warrior team.

Turn 1:
The farseer fortunes his big unit and dooms my kroot wall. Pretty much everything boosts to the top right corner except the farseer who moves towards my hammerhead and one unit of jetbikes which doesn't boost. His jetbikes shoot at my kroot along with the doomweaver, killing 13! They pass their morale though and sit there looking angry.

In my turn the kroot move toward the farseer, the hammerheads shift around a bit and the suits prepare to shoot. My shooting does nothing aside from claiming a single jetbike.All my deathrains, my hammerheads, nothing. In the assault phase the suits retreat to weather the storm.

Turns 2 and 3 tomorrow.

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