Thursday, 18 November 2010

Tau vs Saim Hann. Part 2

So it's the beginning of L.X.'s second turn. The farseer fortunes a unit. His prism tries to headbutt the ethereal's building and does nothing. All the rest of his stuff moves out for the kill. The farseer spins the h-head (bottom centre) but fails to hurt it along with his units shooting. The vypers cause two wounds on the regular suits and the kroot are depleted by yet more jetbike fire. The other prism fails to kill the h-head. His farseer charges the tank and misses. I think it's all over then the warlock kills it, stupid witchblade.

My turn sees the reserves fail to come in and the kroot moving towards the farseer. I fail a lot of dangerous terrain tests but my suits get into position. The deathrains flame the bikes getting 6 hits, 4 wounds and killing 1. The surviving head blows off a fire prism turret. My command suits kill 3 jetbikes with plasma. My suits assault the jetbikes and draw combat. The kroot kill a jetbike but are beaten in combat.
Turn three: The farseer fortunes himself and dooms the command suits. All the bikes converge on the command team. Everything shoots the command team leaving only a shas'vre and the commander. In assault, the crisis suits kill a jetbike but they hold.
My turn: A devilfish moves on toward the far left objective, my h-head moves up and the command suits retreat. I kill 2 vypers with a hanmmerhead and fire warriors (Yes I'm getting desperate!).
combat is drawn. And so ends turn 3. stay tuned for turns 4 and 5 tomorrow.

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