Monday, 20 December 2010

The Monday Post

Today The Monday Post is about recycling old models.
Being a teenager and still at school, I find I play Warhammer on a budget. While sure it would be nice to buy the new, shiny GW kits, I usually find I can make do with some converted older ones. An example is my thunder hammer and storm shield terminator squad (pictures pending). A brand new squad would've cost me £25 odd pounds. My friend dislikes the old terminators (of which I already have 5, power fists and an assault cannon) and was after a tank for his marines. My Predator constantly fails me in games, missing its targets, failing to penetrate, getting killed really easily, etc. We agreed we would trade the respective models and save ourselves some money.

I got the models and instantly began converting. I did have to buy a set of GW thunder hammers and storm shields, but they only cost me £8.50. These guys did take up a lot of my time, patience and energy but I found the end result to be more than worth it.
Many of my characters for both games systems have also been created from spare models I had lying around and again I'm happy with the fact that I now have unique models for my forces. While some may call me cheapskate I think this is an effective and useful method for gamers on a tight budget.

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