Saturday, 11 December 2010

Painting Progress

Here is an idea of how my Eldar army is progressing. Enjoy.
Fear The Reaper...

 There are three more of these guys on the painting table at the moment. The second most expensive unit in the army but one of the coolest.
 Avengers, got another 7 of these plus Exarch to go.
Autarch Siarelle from the front. The head is from  a spare scorpion.
 Side shot: Banshee Exarch's body with Banshee sword
 Rear: The blue "hair" is green stuff added to the hair already on the helmet.
 Side: The pistol is from the spare scorpion. The yellow marine helmet is a taunt to a fists player at the gaming club.
 I know it's not Eldar but I thought the model would make a good test for close ups. Below is my Dragon Magess for my High Elves
Let me know what you think.

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