Monday, 27 December 2010

The Monday Post

Today's Monday Post is some work in progress pictures of various models I acquired over the festive period.
This is my captain, armed with a thunder hammer and bolter (I don't see what people have against giving your H.Q. choice a bolter, bolters are cool)
 The Thunder hammer was made from green stuff, high elf banner cross bars and a Tau fusion blaster. The base model is the Master of the Recruits. The head is from the Vindicator Techmarine.

 I managed to grab a banner from a Tactical squad to complete him.

 Some Guardian Jetbikes for my Eldar force.
 I wanted to make my jetbikes a little different from the normal ones, so gave them capes. This also seems to fit in with the idea of my Eldar being outcast.
I thought I'd finish with some of my younger brother's Ultramarines, which I helped him to build and paint. Although they're not all new models, he was quite keen for them to go on the blog.
 Above is a Terminator Librarian with storm shield, converted from Lysander.
Below is an Assault Terminator Sergeant.

 Some dramatically posed bikers with meltaguns.
And that's it, hope you all had a good Christmas and have a Happy New Year.

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