Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Schools League Development

Okay I'm back from a blogging absence brought on by a combination of illness and schoolwork. I assure you normal service will now resume.
Schools League has been the hot topic at the moment. Refining lists, painting and acquiring models it's all getting into gear. I think I'm finally onto a list I like. While the broadsides were definitely good for tank killing, the majority of situations I faced required a counter unit, ready to contest objectives and tie up units. This line of thinking kept coming back to Piranhas. Being fast skimmers they'd happily contest an objective and with drones I could block or tie up enemy units for a turn or two. They quickly overtook the broadsides and landed themselves a spot on the list (no puns intended).

Shas'el, flamer, twin-linked missile pod = 72
Shas'el, blacksun filter, twin-linked missile pod = 71
2 Shas'ui battlesuits, twin-linked missile pods, flamers = 82
10 kroot = 70
10 kroot = 70
6 fire warriors = 60
2 Piranhas, fusion blasters, flechette dischargers = 150
Total = 575

That leaves 25 points. Give one Piranha a disruption pod, and distribute a pair of gun drones to the battlesuits and it's done. The basic plan is to form a fire base with the battlesuits and fire warriors. The kroot can then infiltrate, outflank or join the firebase depending on the mission. The Shas'els can either join units to bolster morale or fight MSU style. The Piranhas zoom about causing mischief.
Any ideas for improvement?


  1. Wow. It always amazes me how stuff you can get in a small list like this. Should do well...the last 25 points. I'd try to squeeze in more models over more upgrades. maybe bring that Fire Warrior team up to 8 perhaps?

  2. I see what you mean. I'll bump the fire warriors up to eight but still keep the disruption pod as I want to have some way to save a piranha if I get jumped after melting a tank.