Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Return of School's League: Round 2

Okay, the first in a series of battle reports from the second round of the school’s League is here. All games 600 points, standard force org except 0-1 elites and 0-1 heavy support or fast attack, games lasted fourty-five minutes. The first was two objectives, Dawn of War. Due to GW administrative errors, all games were played on 2’x4’ boards. I arrived expecting 4'x4' boards at least (I was hoping for 6'x4' like last time) which I was already a little anxious about giving my tau's preference for running away. Seeing the tiny boards my pessimism took over, but I resolved to give it my best go. Anyhoo, let the games begin!

In the red corner: The Communist, all loving Greyskins (Cheer, clap) *
In the blue corner: The evil totalitarian Imperial Guard (boo, hiss)

High command had decided to send the recon wing of the Vior’la 5th airbourne comprising of:
Shas’el Kau’uit (fireknife)
Shas’el Elro (fireknife)

3 deathrain shas’ui with flamers

6 shas’la, shas’ui

10 kroot
10 kroot

Piranha, fusion blaster, targeting array, disruption pod

The enemy:
Primaris psyker

2 units of veterans with meltaguns in chimera
Sly Rambo Marbo

Leman Russ with battle cannon

First Contact
Seizing the first turn, the Imperium decides to set up a chimera on a hill overlooking the field of battle, camping quite nicely on the disembowelled bits of guardsman. Seeing this, Elro decides she’ll take up position in the central ruins of the battlefield, hopefully all the games of hide and seek with the cadre’s stealth team will pay off.

The Imperium rolls it’s metal boxes on and they blunder about in the darkness, Elro’s strategy of ‘duck behind the wall’ keeps her alive.

Seeing this pathetic effort the cadre charges on, the piranha pilot deciding to take a look at the left flank, the battlesuits running for cover.
Elro spots a chance to one up the tanks abysmal shooting and leaping out of cover, explodes a chimera killing five very surprised veterans. The psyker's shouting however, keeps them on the board.

The Russ decides it has had enough of Elro’s antics and gives her a nice concussion with a well-aimed battle cannon shell. The chimera mills about. Sly Rambo Marbo stays hidden in the Chimera’s weapons locker. Things aren’t looking too good for everyone’s favourite interstellar dictatorship.

The ever excitable kroot decide they’d like a slice of the party outflank and run on behind the Imperial parking lot, teaching them the value of employing traffic wardens. The fire warriors can’t find their way to the fight. Refusing to be beaten by Elro, Kau’uit steps up and destroys the other chimera, the kroot rubbing their hands with glee and licking their lips as the crunchy outer shell removed, revealing the squidgy guardsman centre. The piranha pilot decides he’ll take a look at the middle of the battle and see how it compares to the left flank. The combat between the veterans and the kroot is swift, both squads of lanky aliens tearing apart the guardsmen. This time the psyker’s shouting does nothing but scare his troops more. Desperately holding on to their DNA, the guardsmen flee.

Sly Rambo Marbo emerges from under the lead kroot’s toenail and demo charges them into oblivion, the Russ kills the others.

The Deathrain team, delighted to having something to do, missile pod Sly Rambo Marbo to little itsy-bitsy pieces. The fire warriors pull out a map and debate which compass needle points north. Realising that time is running out, the piranha leaps over the Russ. Remembering he has a targeting array, the gunner rolls a ‘3’ to hit and destroys the ugly cannon-on-a-box.

The fire warriors arrive in time to hi-four the battlesuits for their victory by annihilation. Elro staggers to her feet muttering something about a headache as Kau’uit looks over a job well done.

So victory by annihilation in the first game. I was really ticked off with the slow playing of my opponent and the fact that the shop had put us on 2’ by 4’ tables as opposed to the 6’ by 4’ we’re used to. But I was happy with how I’d played and really looking forward to the second game. My decision to outflank the kroot was paying off, something especially pleasing when I relaised how I could use the tiny space to my advantage. My other team mates all won by annihilation save for our grey knight player who was beaten by horde Tyranids. I was hoping not to face that army, it had a Tervigon and everything.
Stay tuned for more.


*While Tau are not technically communist, and are actually based on the caste system of historic china, ‘the based on the caste system of historic china, all loving Greyskins’ didn’t sound quite as good.

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