Saturday, 18 February 2012

Jolly Toys Game 1

The first game of jolly toys is up, sadly a major loss for the Tau. The game felt closer than the score suggests, and luck was all over the place but ultimately it's the result that counts. Anyway, onto the game.
Dawn of war, kill points (win by three) primary, quarters secondary, objectives tertiary and kill points as a tie breaker. I ended up against a really nice Eldar playing running:

Maughan Ra
2 units of 5 avengers with exarch, double catapults and blade storm in wave serpents (one had lances, the other missiles)
5 harlequins with 2 fusion pistos and death jester
10 dire avengers on foot with exarch, double catapults, bladestorm
5 pathfinders
6 jetbikes with a warlock
3 units of three war walkers with scatter lasers with two having a missile launcher each.

I was running my standard 2000.

I took first turn and deployed nothing, he deployed his rangers in a ruin in the centre of his deployment zone.

Turn 1 Tau:
Everything bar my devilfish walked on. Two hammerheads and a deathrain team on the right, two deathrain teams and a hammerhead on the left with the fireknives in the middle. Everything that could see unloads into the pathfinders killing two. Suits jump about to get best positions.

Eldar turn 1:
Maugan and harlies run on.Shooting wounds one of the fireknife commanders.

Tau turn 2:
Two devilfish arrive and with the hammerheads block for outflanking warwalkers. Everything shoots the pathfinders, missiles, plasma, railguns. The smoke clears and one blasted pathfinder is still alive. Great.

Eldar turn 2:
Everything kicks off this turn. Eldrad and his missile serpent show up on my right flank along with, all of the warwalkers! At this point, I'm getting kinda worried. They're within 12" of my hammerhead which I stupidly left facing in so they're getting side shots. He fires into various units killing a crisis suit and a drone from the deathrains and shaking the hammerhead. The crisis suits fail the leadership and run, unable to rally. Grrrr.

Tau turn 3:
The other devilfish comes on on my left. Suits mill about hoping to curb the warwalker threat. The far left hammerhead immobilises Eldrad's ride. The crisis suits and other hammerhead do little damage to his warwalkers.

Eldar turn 3:
All of his reserves stay hiding. His forces move about whittling down and wiping out one of the fireknife teams and shaking another hammerhead. I'm getting infuriated at the pesky warwalkers at this point, their cover saves and my poor rolling taking it's toll on the game. I'm just hanging on, hoping to do some more damage next turn.

Tau turn 4:
In short, I delay the inevitable. The crisis suits finally kill that Pathfinder and the hammerhead's burst cannons slay two warwalkers. I've dealt some damage but I really needed those walkers dead and there's still four of them running around thanks to terrible suit shooting.

Eldar turn 4:
Everything but the jetbikes arrive. His shooting phase sees another crisis team run off the table, morale was beginning to become a defining feature of my army. Maugan Ra pins a crisis team, another hammerhead is stunned and other shooting is terrible.

Tau turn 5:
I desperately try to claw something back though I know it's all gone. Once again, the dice let me down and I fail to really do anything.

The next few turns sees him take apart the rest of my army, finally finishing on turn 7. My thoughts on the game were mirrored by my opponent: There was a lot of luck involved. This by no means means my opponent was bad, he was a terrific player and there were certainly things I could have done better but I don't think I was able to give a good account of myself. I was looking positively towards game two though.

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