Saturday, 9 October 2010

Ko'vash's 1500, now with added plasma

My Tau army has been lacking plasma for along time. While usually I got by through weight of firepower, lucky space marine players and monstrous creature heavy tyranids were taking there toll. So I decided to add in a commander and bodyguard, Deathrain with plasma rifles. The bodyguard arrived on Friday and I've been busy converting since, so here they are, unpainted for now.
This guy I did first. After suffering from lack of missile pods I managed to find an old metal deathwing cyclone missile launcher which sufficed. I like to think he's stalking his enemy, half crouched, waiting to strike.

 As you can see I repositioned his legs to get the pose.
I call this guy my ninja suit, as he looks balanced like a character from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
The metal thing on his left arm came from Shadowsuns drone
And some shots of  the two.

Note the plastic shield drones and marker drones. (Thank you to Luckless Xenos for the idea)


  1. Nice work. The poses are really dramatic. But what is the shadowsun part meant to be? Drone controller?

  2. It isn't supposed to be anything, I just thought it looked cool. (shrugs shoulders)