Monday, 4 October 2010

The Monday post

I'll begin with an apology. I don't have a battle report this Monday as after thinking over the game it didn't seem exciting enough to right a report about. Instead I have some pictures of my elves. I hope they suffice.

My Alter kindred noble. although he's not quite as good under 8th he's still one of the most flexible choices in my wood elf army.

 Treeman. Never leave home without this guy.

 I commonly use Lore of Life with my spellweaver to make my forest spirits more effective and to thin out units with Dwellers Below
 This is another spellweaver, this time converted from plastic.
 I'm very proud of this high elf character. the lady on top is the dark elf sorceress on cold one and the lion is from the chariot. Much hacksawing and green stuff later this appeared.

 And finally the humble bolt thrower, pretty much the only thing guaranteed to kill its own points cost.
 Comments, as always, welcome.


  1. Put some paper behind your models to make a plain white background.

  2. Usually I photograph my models with a terrain piece in the background, but I'll defnitely experiment.