Friday, 19 November 2010

Tau vs Saim Hann. Part 3

And so the game is reaching it's closing stages. Luckless Xenos has the upper hand and it looks bad for the Tau.
Turn 4: The farseer fortunes. The vypers move into position for kill shots on Shas'el Li'sun'yi and her bodyguard (yet to be named). The farseer and jetbikes head for the newly arrived devilfish and the doomweaver spins. The doomweaver fails to kill anything. The turretless prism runs over Li'sun'yi but she and her comrade hold. The farseer and warlock fail to hurt my devilfish.

Tau: The second devilfish arrives and rushes on to the far right side of the board hoping to claim an untouched objective. The fish that came on turn 3 goes for the left-most objective, pursued by some angry space elves. The hammerhead blows the gun off the still shooting prism, the fire warriors fail against the vypers and the command suits shoot at the jetbikes to no avail. Combat with the suits and jetbikes is, once again, drawn.

Turn 5: Farseer fortunes. All the eldar fail to kill the devilfish only managing to stun it. In the most sneaky display of eldar trickery I've ever seen L.X. blocks my last turn arriving devilfish from reaching the objective by placing two fire prisms in a wall 12" away in an attempt to prevent my fire warriors from grabbing the objective. The vypers shoot the command team mainly missing with starcannons but doing well with catapults. My commander fails three out of three 3+ saves and bites the dust along with her bodyguard. Combat is drawn.
Tau: The devilfish rams the prism wall and the fire warriors leap out, prompting a heated argument about the 1" away rule. The farseer and warlock bring down the far left devifish. After much careful placing the fire warriors were able to snake, like a Tau conga-line, to the objective. 1-0 to the Tau.
The main thing that went wrong was the underestimation of the eldar's speed. They crossed the table ridiculously quickly, closing me down and putting my Tau on the back foot (hoof?). I need to be more careful with my deployment in future, even if it's spearhead, and the placing of objectives to benefit me and annoy my opponent more.
P.s. It must be mentioned that Luckless Xenos got caught up in the game and only realised it was turn 5 too late (we had agreed to end on turn 5 due to a limited amount of time). In a gesture of reconcilliation over the 1" rule  argument I agreed to let him roll the dice for a 6th turn and for the first time in my 5th edition career it came up 3+. We played the final game turn to see what would have happened and the result was flipped, my fire warriors wiped out and the eldar contesting or holding each objective.

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