Monday, 6 December 2010

The Monday Post

This Monday Post is about my approach to choosing a new army.
When I start a new army there are three deciding factors. Is the army made up of cool models, how can I construct a story for this army or what is this army's background like?

The first one is relatively simple. If the army has cool models like my Tau, then I'm more likely to enjoy painting and collecting this army (I'll never, ever play Ogre Kingdoms). I usually then develop a liking for the fluff of said army.
Number two is how my Eldar came about. I heard not many people played dual Autarch lists because you don't get powerful psykers but I thought, "Hey, an opportunity for a story". I came up with a story, the overview is elsewhere on the blog, and this helped me develop my army list and choose models I felt tied in with the story.
The final reason is why I chose my marines. The key attraction to the Salamanders (aside from always liking green) was their ideals and battle strategies. I found I liked their whole "one with the people" attitude and their self reliance. Again, this helped me select my army list.
So there you have it, my reasons and influences for choosing armies.

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