Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Painting the Eldar

Now I don't want the title to be misleading so I'll say it now: this post is my views on painting Eldar not actual Eldar I've painted, they'll come later. Anyway...

Over the short time I've been painting Eldar I've come to realise there are some models I enjoy painting and some I absolutely loathe. Dire Avengers are the worst offenders. For some reason I just hate painting them, it just feels like a chore. Striking Scorpions come next. While not bad to paint not good either. Howling Banshees. Getting good. Enough detail to make them interesting but not too much. Completing the list, my current favourite Eldar models to paint and, just favourite models in general: Dark Reapers.
The actual models themselves are amazing. Everything about them, posture, armour design, relaxed weapon hold, oozes cool ways to deal death. Added to this is the fact they fit my painting style pefectly making them a joy to paint. Did I mention their rules are extra-killy as well?
So there you have it, a ramble about painting Eldar. Let me know your thoughts on your favourite/ least favourite models to paint.

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