Monday, 10 January 2011

The Monday Post

First of all hello.
And now to business.
Schools league is coming up (this Saturday!), and the list (here) is finalised. I'm pleased with it. Out of nine games it has won eight, including tabling two opponents with no losses and the Hammerhead has never died.
All this 600 point playing was beginning to wear me done a bit, so I decided to get back to 1500s, but unfortunately my game was called off at the last second. I have though, some pictures of other members of the school league team testing some lists:
A meltagun armed Grey Hunter

The just "Gate of infintied" Tactical squad and Librarian, pre scatter.
 Librarian and squad, post scatter
The Librarian, looking to "Avenger" some Long Fangs
 The Librarian being eaten by Grey Hunters and a Wolf Priest
 An aerial view of the same combat
 The Space Wolves close in on the Salamanders gun line
 The just arrived Terminators prepare to mow done some Grey Hunters
 Said Grey Hunters fleeing from the angry Terminators
 And there you have it. Tune in on Saturday evening for a report on the Schools League games.

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