Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Schools League: The Aftermath

First of all, I'm going to say we came joint second in our regional final, qualifying for the International final in June! That means we got what we came for, free school league t-shirt! Anyway, more importantly, the games were good. My list performed admirably, the MSU style Deathrain battle suits doing particularly well. My first game pitted me against Imperial Guard. My opponents list had a command squad with orbital bombardment, a platoon of two infantry squads and a platoon command, veterans with one meltagun in a chimera and a Leman Russ executioner with multimelta sponsons. I was mildly apprehensive before the game seeing the Leman Russ but reasoning I could take it out with my Piranhas and fire from cover, it wasn't bothering me a huge amount. The game was good, I pulled off a close draw. Had one more of his Russ' plasma shots missed on his last turn, my flamer Shas'el would have contested his objective and one me the game but such is life. Morale came into the game a lot on my opponents part, I think he lost three squads to it.
The second game had me facing a marines list. scouts with missile launcher, librarian, 10 tactical marines in a rhino, 6 tactical marines and a dreadnaught with assault cannon. My Deathrains were again the stars of the show, blasting vehicles and marines left right and center. My opponent didn't seem to know a huge amount about the rules but he was nice to play against. Infiltrate proved key in this game, letting me at a far flung objective with the kroot.
The third game was versus Space Wolves. Two grey hunter squads in rhinos and a Skyclaw pack with a Jump pack Wolf priest. I killed the Rhino's and Grey Hunters fairly quickly with massed fire power, netting me a fair few kill points. Unfortunately, this meant I'd neglected the Skyclaws who proceeded to kill everything but the Piranhas in three turns. Not good. Although I lost, the final game was by far the best of the day. My opponent was really good fun to play against, it was fairly close and there were some good moments so I wasn't hugely disappointed with the loss.

Having finished our games we were shepherded to the "briefing room" which was basically a half hour marketing talk from Games Workshop about how shiny and wonderful the new Grey Knights are before they'd tell us who won. There was a good point to the marketing talk, they told us to expect a Battle Sisters codex later in 2011, take that as you will. Overall, the day was a good one. Exciting games were fought, seeing the miniatures hall was cool and some of the scenery was amazing. Roll on the International final methinks.

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