Monday, 18 April 2011

The Monday Post

The school league international final isn't until July which gives me around three months to look at my list and think about tactics. In discussion recently is whether it would be worth taking a different army. I'm inclined on the one hand to take my Tau. They were my first army and the one I'm focusing on at the moment. But on the other hand it would be interesting to try out an Eldar army. Specifically a mech eldar army. Something like this:

Farseer, warding, guide, witnessing = 100
5 fire dragons, serpent, twin-linked shruiken cannon = 180
5 dire avengers, serpent, twin-linked shruiken cannon = 160
5 dire avengers, serpent, twin-linked shruiken cannon = 160
Total = 600
The strength of this list obviously lies with its mobility. Objective placement will be key as will knowing when to boost and when to shoot. While I feel like I ought to take my Tau all the way the Eldar would sure be fun to play. Let me know what you think. Which should I take?

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