Monday, 16 May 2011

The Monday Post

Well, first of all, this is post 50! Yay!
Okay now that's over, onto the more interesting things. The school league playtesting took a turn for the better this weekend. An after school gaming afternoon ran into an all night, non-stop practice session resulting in over a dozen games. The Eldar list I'm planning to take to school league was given a thorough going over, going up against guard, marines, nids and even my own Tau. Luckless Xenos, the club's resident Eldar expert, being kind enough to teach me the way of Saim Hann, something I'm hugely thankful for. I'm starting to really like the feel of the army, the speed and the ability to strike with accuracy and then just fade away. I suppose the fact that I've always enjoyed playing elven armies comes into it a bit. Another good factor of using such a fragile army is the way it forces you to think really hard about your tactics. I've no doubt that the almost overly cautious manner I'm having to play in will increase my skill with my other armies. While I have no plans to bring my Eldar up to a 1500 any time soon, getting a taste of what they can do at the moment (they're still a 4th ed codex) I wouldn't rule it out in the far future.

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